During my Appalachian thru hike of this last summer I heard from many friends and family about their desire to hear stories and see pictures of my experience. I was excited for the interest but felt somewhat at a loss. My summer was, in a way, 5 months of separating myself from my phone, the internet, and the bustle of daily life that is so attached to those things. I enjoyed my time apart, but felt frustrated at the separation it caused between me and those who wanted to share in my adventure.

Now, I am home, full of good memories and in possession of something I didn’t have during my time in the woods: a computer. Its exciting, I know. And to top it all off, I still remember how to use this famed device!

I am thoroughly excited to share my story, both for my own reflection as well as for the enjoyment of anyone who will listen. So what follows is a glimpse of what I saw, felt, and learned during my summer on the Appalachian trail.

If you are just interested in seeing some photos of my trip here is a link for such a thing:
I hope you enjoy, and as always, thank you to my friends and family who are always so encouraging.




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