Facts and Other Beginnings

Before I get into the stories I want to share just a few facts.

The Appalachian trail (the A.T.) is a hiking trail running from Springer mountain, GA to Mt Katahdin, ME. The distance changes from time to time, but in 2014 it was roughly 2185 miles.

A thru hiker is a person who hikes the length of a trail from end to end in one year.

I began my thru hike on April 26th hiked north for 5 months and 1 day to finish on September 27th.

That’s all. There is so much more to it, but that isn’t why I am here. If you want to hear more about the numbers of the Appalachian trail or just want to do more general trail reading I strongly recommend you check out the ATC website:


If at any point you feel crazy enough to think of hiking any part or all of the AT, that site will be a great resource to start. You can also email me any of your questions or thoughts anytime at samwisetruby@gmail.com.

To start you can check out the categories to your left. I put together a few longer stories if you want to get into some of the longer details, the photos and stories section will just give you bits and pieces about each of the photos. 


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